Innovative solutions for road construction: Wirtgen has pioneered this field for 50 years, paving the way to greater success on the job site for customers around the globe.Wirtgen GmbH offers a full range of mobile machines and high-quality services on everything relating to road construction. Wirtgen engineers develop products and technologies for cold milling, soil stabilization, cold recycling, hot recycling, concrete paving and surface mining. The 49 machine models in their comprehensive product divisions are manufactured in Wirtgen plant in accordance with state-of-the-art production methods.


Cold Milling Machines

Wirtgen cold milling machines efficiently strip and remove damaged paving. The possible applications range from excavation of complete carriageway structures through partial repairs to milling out trenches. Working widths range from 14mm to 4.40m.

Soil Stabilizers

Wirtgen soil stabilizers are the prime choice in terms of equipment features, working width options and ground-breaking milling and mixing technology.

Cold recyclers

Wirtgen cold recyclers remove the existing road paving by milling and mix binders such as foamed bitumen into the granulated paving. When stabilizing soil, the recyclers mix

binders such as lime or cement into moist soils, to increase their load-bearing capacity. As a pioneer, Wirtgen has played a vital role right from the start in promoting this environmentally friendly method .

Binding agent spreaders

In co-operation with Streumaster, Wirtgen offer a comprehensive range of binding agent spreaders as towed or built-up models for use with Wirtgen soil stabilizers and cold recyclers.

Hot recyclers

In the Wirtgen hot recycling process, also known as the Remix process, bituminous-bound carriageway paving is heated and, while simultaneously mixing in additives, it is repaved true to cross section, line and level.

Slipform pavers

Wirtgen slipform pavers pave high-volume carriageways and other traffic areas as well as concrete monolithic profiles in one continuous process.

Surface Miners

Wirtgen Surface Miners cut, crush and load hard rock and minerals in one operation without the need for drilling and blasting thus considerably increasing the utilization factor of deposits.