Vogele success is based on more than 80 years of experience in the development and manufacture of road pavers. Many innovations, engineering quality at the highest level and true commitment paved the way for VÖGELE to become the global leader in the industry. With 17 pavers, a wide array of screeds and innovative special equipment, VÖGELE offer an extensive range of products for all paving tasks. The pavers featuring high versatility handle pave widths from 0.5m up to 16m. Typical technical features of VÖGELE road paving equipment are electric heating of the screeds, user-friendly operation and excellent service-friendliness.


Super Series

VÖgele pavers of the SUPER Series boast practically-oriented machine dimensions, large pave widths, high compaction performances and an outstanding mobility. Altogether, this makes for a high economic efficiency and reliability.



Special Equipment

Vogele also offers innovative special machinery. The SUPER 1800-2 with SprayJet module makes a highly advanced spray paver. The SUPER 2100-2 IP is a modified paver for laying down binder course in the InLine Pave® train.The Feeders MT 3000-3 and MT 3000-2 Offset ensure a consistently high flow of material to the paver.


Numerous factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that a high level of paving quality is achieved in road construction. There can be no doubt that an uninterrupted supply of mix is crucial to preventing any stops in the paving process. A feeder is thus essential to the economical achievement of consistently high-quality paving results, especially on large-scale job sites.


The range of Paving screeds offered by Vogele caters to a broad variety of most diverse applications. Standard and extending screeds from Vogele enable paving operations to be carried out at widths ranging from 0.5m to 16m. In addition to asphalt, Vogele’s high precision screeds are also ideally suited to paving other materials, such as concrete, gravel or other special mixes.